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Flying out of the UK doesn't have to be the hassle that many people fear. We offer a few simple tips for passengers below, to try to make your airport experience as relaxed as possible, and we follow this with guides to the UK's international airports. Click on the airport on the map below for a guide to getting there and back, organising airport parking and booking an airport hotel. We cover both London and UK regional airports.

  • Make sure you have any necessary visas well in advance and don't leave home without your passport and flight tickets (or booking reference if e-ticket)
  • Go hand-baggage-only if you can - you'll save time (and money if using low cost carriers) and won't lose your bags!
  • If checking-in bags for the hold, put your contact details on a piece of paper inside your bag on the top - if it gets lost and the baggage tag has come off, it'll still get back to you
  • Allow plenty of time to get to the airport and aim to get there 3 hours before your flight for longhaul and 2 hours before your flight for shorthaul - make sure that a delay travelling to the airport won't ruin your holiday
  • Go through security as soon as you've checked in - there's more space, shops, food and drink the other side and you don't want to risk getting stuck in long security queues
  • Allow enough time to walk to your gate - find out where it is and how long it takes to get there (it could be as much as 20 minutes)
  • Know the rules on taking liquids - take small containers in hand luggage otherwise check them in, and remember this applies to bottles of alcohol too! You can buy large bottles of liquid after security.

Guides to UK Airports:

Please click on the airport name on the map below for the appropriate guide.

Aberdeen Belfast City Belfast International Belfast International Birmingham Blackpool Bournemouth Bournemouth Bristol Cardiff Cardiff Coventry Doncaster Robin Hood Doncaster Robin Hood East Midlands Edinburgh Edinburgh Exeter Gatwick Glasgow Glasgow Heathrow Humberside Leeds Bradford Liverpool London City Luton Manchester Manchester Newcastle Newquay Norwich Prestwick Prestwick Southampton Stansted Tees Valley Tees Valley UK Airports
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London Luton Airport London City Airport Manchester Airport
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