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reasons to travel

Not convinced you want to travel abroad? Or maybe you want to but need a good excuse for spending all that money! Well, below we give some of the main reasons for taking a trip overseas. Whether it's a two-week holiday or a gap year, there are many benefits to exploring the world.

  • To take a break - before considering why you want to go somewhere, a good reason could simply be to leave here. Wanting a break from education or work, needing time to think things through, needing to escape the stress or monotony of everyday life, are all common motivators to go abroad.

  • To see some amazing landscapes and scenery that you never knew existed - everyone likes a good view, but if you're a photographer, artist, or even poet, there's heaps of material out there!

  • To do things you can't do in the UK - conquer a 6000m peak, trek through rainforest, see wildlife you've only ever seen on TV, or even just bask in the sun on palm-fringed powder-soft beaches.

  • To make new friends - whether it's locals or fellow travellers, you will encounter all sorts of people on a trip abroad.

  • To learn a language - immersing yourself in the daily life of a country is the best way to pick up or improve a language.

  • To help those less fortunate - teach English or volunteer your services in numerous schemes to help poor communities.

  • To learn new skills - apart from becoming more independent, your experiences can teach you how to overcome problems, how to improvise in unfamiliar situations and how to plan and organise your time. Working on a community project or sharing the 'housekeeping' on an overland expedition provides valuable teamwork experience.

  • To take your hobby to the next level - many hobbies and interests aren't limited to the UK, for example: why not try rock-climbing in some proper mountains, or horse riding on the prairie.

  • To discover other religions and lifestyles to help broaden your outlook on life and appreciate the vast differences in cultures across the world.

  • To have fun! Whatever your reasons, any trip abroad should be exciting, hugely enjoyable and will provide great memories that stay with you for the rest of your life!