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types and styles of travel

The simple answer to this is: anyone can and everyone with an interest should.

Travelling is more affordable than ever, particularly now that low-cost carriers can offer a return flight to a European capital for less than a train journey from London to Birmingham. Accommodation can also suit budgets, from camping and hostelling to five-star hotels. Time needn't be a constraint either - a weekend city break would suffice, but most people can take a two-week holiday every year. The term 'travelling' is often thought of as being long-term point-to-point trips, but the types of experiences that global explorer focuses on are any that involve going abroad and seeing more of the world.

You might not have someone to travel with but don't let that stop you, consider going solo - read about the pros and cons of travelling alone.

Having considered budget and time as issues that determine the type of travelling you do, there is one final categorisation: whether you want a relaxing or adventurous holiday. You can see the world from the comfort of a coach or train carriage, or you might prefer to get closer to the environment by trekking, skiing, cycling or horse-riding through the scenery. Some people are active and some aren't, but both are catered for here.

The table below shows the different types of holiday or 'overseas experience' that might be appropriate depending on the type of person you are and the time and money you can afford. It should show you that there is something for everyone. Click on the holiday type for more information, all of which can be found on our ideas page.

Relaxing Adventurous/Active
Short Break or Holiday (up to 2 weeks) Hostel City Break Interailing and Fly-Drive
Budget Package Resort Holiday Other Independent Touring
Mid-Range Resort Holiday Activity Holiday
Hotel City Break Active/Adventure Guided Tour
Luxury Resort Holiday  
Travelling or Touring (2 weeks +) Backpacking Backpacking
Coach or Rail Tour Interailing and Fly-Drive
Cruise Other Independent Touring

The colours indicate cost bands where the darker shade of orange means a more expensive type of trip. These bands are very approximate and are only a relative measure (city breaks will generally cost less because they're shorter but here we're effectively thinking about cost per day). Prices still vary a lot even after accounting for trip length - an overland tour could cost more than a cruise for a similar length of trip, so our bands are only general cost levels expected. We suggest you research more into each trip type to get a better idea of relative costs.