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what to do - holiday ideas

You are almost unlimited as to what you can do on a holiday abroad, so for ideas here's an A to Z of possibilities:

  • Archaeology - join a dig as a volunteer with an organisation
  • Beaches - search for the best in the world!
  • Culture - tribal dances, local markets and traditional cuisine
  • Diving - learn to scuba dive in Thailand or go snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef
  • Education - learn about a subject of interest such as the Inca civilisation
  • Festivals - from Chinese New Year to the Rio Carnival
  • Gourmet dining at some of the world's best (and most expensive) restaurants
  • History - museums and ancient ruins are always crowd pullers
  • Island hopping in the Caribbean or the middle of the Pacific Ocean
  • Journalism - write an article about your destination
  • Kids - help out on a holiday camp or teach English at a school in the developing world
  • Learn a language - French in Montreal? Spanish in Costa Rica?
  • Mountaineering - climb a peak for great views and a great achievement
  • Nightlife - party till dawn at some of the world's liveliest spots
  • Overlanding - join a group onboard a specially designed truck for the ultimate adventure
  • Protect the rainforest through a conservation organisation
  • Qualifications - spend a year or more studying abroad, perhaps as part of a UK degree
  • Research - e.g. scientific (through an organisation) or artistic (background for a novel)
  • Shopping - whether local crafts or electronics, you can find great stuff to buy abroad
  • Trekking - in some of the best spots the world can offer
  • Utopia - find your paradise on Earth
  • Views - get snap happy with awe-inspiring scenery
  • Wildlife - see it or even help protect it
  • Xtreme sports - bungy jumping, skydiving, off-piste skiing, or whatever takes your fancy!
  • Yacht trip - go sailing around sun-drenched islands
  • Zebras - see lots of them and a whole lot more on an African safari
Many of the above can be done whether you're travelling during a gap year, on a 2-week summer holiday or even taking just a short weekend break. For a more in-depth look at suggested types of trip, have a read through our ideas...
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