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Anybody blessed with the opportunity to travel should do it. Whatever your interests, whatever your age and whatever your budget, there will always be some enchanted corner of the globe for you to experience things never to be forgotten. 'Travelling' generally refers to longer term trips abroad, typically made by backpackers 'roughing it' on a round-the-world ticket, but this shouldn't deter those that don't fit that description. True, you will most likely benefit more the longer the trip is, the more you interact with the locals and the bigger the culture difference of the destination (a weekend in a 5-star hotel in New York isn't going to have the same impact as camping for a month in the Himalayas) but nevertheless you can still benefit from whatever experience you choose to pursue, even if it's just a short relaxing break. Whether you can only fit in a 2-week family holiday or you have a whole 'gap year' to be filled, this website will help you with making decisions and planning your trip abroad. We make it easier for you to organise that adventure of a lifetime!

Visiting other countries rewards you with experiences and memories to cherish for life. It's not just about having fun, but about learning, discovering and appreciating more than what lies on your doorstep. Leave your comfort zone and do something you've never done before, don't live to regret it. You only get one life, so start making those dreams a reality and enjoy the best the world has to offer! This is the travelling philosophy that should inspire you to get up and go.

Already convinced? Then get planning here and if you decide to travel independently (rather than a package holiday through an agent) then use the planning and destinations sections for a wealth of information to get you on your way. Still have doubts? Then continue to be inspired:

Who should travel? - "is it for me?" you might be asking yourself. Find out...

Why should I travel? - why not? There are pros and cons. The pros are listed here and the cons are covered in the FAQ section.

Where should I go? - with the world at your feet you have choices galore, but how do you decide?

What could I do? - from lying on a deserted beach in South-East Asia to teaching English in Africa.

When should I go? - timing could be everything.

How do I go about planning a trip? - a step-by-step guide to take you from to your dream destination.

Where can I get some ideas? - right here; we've got a comprehensive range of both organised (package) and independent trip suggestions and the companies and organisations that can help you put them into practice.