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The global explorer website has 5 colour-coded sections:

Inspiration (red) : What, where, when, why and how. If you are unsure about whether you want to leave the UK, or go somewhere more 'exotic' than France or Spain, then head straight for the 'Inspiration' section. Also check this out if you have already decided you want to see a bit more of the world but don't know where to go or what to do.

Destinations (blue) : Refer to the country-specific information in the 'Destinations' section for useful details both for pre-departure planning and booking and for the practicalities when you are there. This section will also help you plan your itinerary since it will give you ideas of what to do & see and allow you to work out what's feasible (in terms of time and cost). Find info such as climate, currency, attractions, events, airport information...

Trip Planning (green) : If you're dead set on a destination, with a good idea of what to do when you're there, then figure out how to make the dream a reality in the 'Trip Planning' section. We offer guidance on booking flights and accommodation, arranging visas, getting vaccinations and other pre-departure organising.

Photo Gallery (orange) : A wide selection of photos from around the world so you can get an idea of what there is to see out there.

FAQ (purple) : our Frequently Asked Questions section aims to deal with the most common travel-related issues.

All navigation is at the top of every page - the main colour-coded sections are always displayed, but within each section there are also various links to the main pages in that section. We also help you to go back 'up a level' by showing you exactly where you are within the website - this can be found at the top of the white area of the page.

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