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Austria is a small mountainous landlocked country in central Europe, bordering Germany and Czech Republic to the north, Slovakia and Hungary to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the south, and Switzerland to the west. Most of the country is made up of the eastern Alps, but there is a low, almost flat area in the north around the capital Vienna.

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Austria facts

Capital City: Vienna

Other Major Cities: Graz

Currency: Euro, (EUR)

Official Language(s): German

Predominant Religion(s): Roman Catholic

Time Zone: GMT/UTC +1 (+1 in Summer)

Drive on: right

Country Dialling Code: 43

Internet Country Code: .at

Electrical Plugs: European Two-Pin 220V 50Hz

Visa Requirements: see our section on visas

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Austria tourist highlights and attractions

  • Innsbruck - gateway to the Alps with medieval lanes and Habsburg palaces
  • Salzburg - birthplace of Mozart in a great mountain location with an impressive fortress
  • Hallstatt - crystal-clear waters, a salt mine and ice cave, and the inspiring backdrop of mountains
  • Vienna - grand architecture, and see the world famous equestrian performers at the Spanish Riding School
  • Skiing in the Tyrol and Land Salzburg - where the best ski slopes are found, try Mayrhofen, St Anton, Zell am See, Kaprun
  • Grossglockner Road - stunning alpine drive of a lifetime taking in Austria's highest peak
  • Krimml Falls - Europe's highest waterfall
  • Bregenzerwald - idyllic villages, clinking cow bells and delicious cheeses from alpine dairies
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Austria climate and when to go

Most of Austria experiences a similar climate throughout the year, but it can always be changeable. Summer tends to be wetter, but rainfall is more likely to be heavy and thundery and therefore of shorter duration. Winters get rather cold everywhere, but in the Alps it can often be calm and sunny and therefore feel warmer than the valleys. The opposite is true in summer; the valleys stay sunny while the mountains become cloudy.
Obviously the best time to go for mountain sports is the winter months of December to March, but for general visits to Austria, the months of May to September are best.

According to the climate, for general tourist visits the best months to go to Austria are shown below in green, the amber months are okay, and the red months represent the worst months due to less favourable climate conditions.

When to go to Austria

Vienna Climate Chart:

Vienna Climate Chart - Average Temperatures and Rainfall

Source: our climate chart data is obtained from the most reliable source available which in many cases is official data from the National Meteorological & Hydrological Service of the country. Climatological information provided here is usually based on monthly averages for a 30-year period. It should be noted that significant deviations from these average conditions can and do occur at any time.

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Austria flights and ground transport

Airlines that operate between the UK and Austria are:
British Airways
Austrian Airlines

For help finding flights to Austria, click here.

Vienna Airport (VIE)
Salzburg Airport (SZG)
Klagenfurt Airport (KLU)
Innsbruck Airport (INN)

OBB - Austrian train operator

Wiener Linien, Vienna bus, tram and underground operator
Innsbruck public transport authority - bus and tram

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Austria accommodation

Find accommodation in Austria here.

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Austria official tourist information

Official Tourist Information Websites:



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Austria - further tourist info

Other Useful Websites:

Austria listings under UNESCO World Heritage
Spanish Riding School of Vienna

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