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Imagine a place where you can find out everything you want to know about travelling - where to go, what to see and do, how to do it all and what to consider to make it the perfect trip. This is the aim of global explorer - to inspire and advise both new and experienced travellers and help them through the minefield of travel information.

"Getting information from the internet is like getting a glass of water from Niagara Falls." (Arthur C. Clarke)

The emphasis is on using the internet as a resource for researching, planning and booking your trip. There is a wealth of information out there and we'll help you find it - don't waste your time with random search engine results, find it first time on global explorer.

  • global explorer (GE) is provided by the travelling community for the travelling community. It was created to put as much travel-related information as possible in one place, where tried, tested and trusted websites could be found to help inspire and organise trips.
  • We are not a price-comparison website - we list all known reputable companies rather than just those that pay commission - we are therefore completely unbiased and only offer opinions on companies if they are wholly justified
  • global explorer is built around trust - we know how important it is to be able to trust websites and internet booking facilities - we have a strict policy on who we link to and we strive to keep GE as reliable as possible
  • We hope to continually expand the depth of information on this site, whilst maintaining the accuracy of what we already have. You can help us by contributing to the site.

Why is it a free service?
This website was born out of passion for travel, not money. Because we love travelling, we want to encourage it through the medium of the internet - the present and the future of planning and booking holidays. The focus of GE is making web resources more accessible, not making profit. However, we do of course need to generate a small income in order to keep this site alive - we do this with a limited amount of sponsored links to selected companies. It's a 'limited amount' because we don't want to clutter our nice clean website with advertising, so we don't. And why 'selected' companies? As stated above, our policy is to remain unbiased by listing and linking to all known reputable and trusted organisations, and you can help by reporting back on your experiences. We remove links to companies that cannot be relied upon to offer satisfactory service and add links to organisations that are recommended to us.

Will this site be useful to you?
Whether you have never set foot outside of the UK or think you've seen everything, this website will provide all the ideas and practicalities for planning that special trip abroad. You could pop into a high street travel agents and book yet another beach and booze holiday on a tourist-infested Spanish island, or you could fork out for a guided package holiday to a more adventurous destination, or better still you could put in a bit of legwork and reap the rewards of independent travel.

Some people will always prefer to pay more for the convenience of having everything arranged for them, which is not necessarily a bad thing and GE can still help you with that. But costs aside, you can benefit more from independent travel by having flexibility when you're out there, by being able to do exactly what you want to do, and by interacting with the locals when you're there. This is what GE believes in.

It doesn't have to take that much time or effort to organise everything yourself - with the wealth of information and website links provided by GE, you can get instant access to all that you need to plan your trip. But even if you do get a package holiday from a high street travel agent, there are some things they cannot arrange for you, such as travel vaccinations. Nor will they guide you much on what to do when you're out there. They will also try to sell you their over-priced travel insurance rather than recommend the better value policies on the net. Furthermore, the best travel agency is the internet - use us as your personal travel consultant.

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